Sienna has a BFA in fiber art and art education from Colorado State University. She is currently based in Boulder, Colorado. Sienna has published articles/projects in Little Looms, Schacht’s online project collection, as well as the John C. Campbell Folk School blog. She works at Schacht Spindle Company as the Content Developer and Education Specialist where she develops curriculum, teaches classes, makes educational videos, edits weaving patterns and designs, tests products in product design, and more. Sienna has taught makers of all ages to weave and loves seeing the joy it brings to their lives.

Sienna is trained in a variety of media. Her area of expertise is fibers, where she was trained in weaving, dyeing, embroidery, sewing, screen printing, and more. She has extensive knowledge of looms from inkle, to frame looms, rigid heddle looms, floor looms, Cranbrook looms, and beyond. Alongside this, she has been trained in sculpture, where she has experience with metalwork including welding, bronze casting, and soldering. Throughout her time at CSU, Sienna took courses including, printmaking (intaglio and relief), ceramics (hand-building and wheel throwing), painting (oil and acrylic), sculpture (metal, wood, plaster, etc.) and others. She is well versed in artistic mediums, and have a passion for creating with attention to fine details and craftsmanship. A majority of her work focuses on moments in time, and how each individual moment has value. She is interested in memory, time, personal history, and evolution. These ideas shape the ways in which she works with materials as well as become the concept for the works themselves.